Bin It. Don't Block It.

Thames Water wanted an engaging video that was shareable and encouraged members of the public to bin their waste instead of chucking it down the toilet and plughole.  The challenge for us was to create an informative video that would capture the attention of the audience in the opening seconds and deliver a strong message that would linger in the memory.

To grab attention, we thought of an idea that people would listen to: “How to stop your bathroom from smelling” and “How to avoid a flood.”  We decided to create a tongue-in-cheek version of popular How-To videos that populate YouTube and social channels and followed the main videos up with shorter edits to serve as reminders to viewers that watched the original video.

The principle videos were embedded onto Thames Water’s website and distributed across their social channels.  We also sent videos out on emails to capture as many viewers as possible. We used cookies to identify viewers that watched the videos then after a certain period of time sent out edited versions of the main video to reinforce the message.

It’s hard to judge a campaign of this nature as the results are not measurable.  However, the ultimate goal was to reduce the amount of money Thames Water spend on replacing sewerage and judging by the response from social media users and stakeholders, the client expects to achieve the goal.  So, job done!

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