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Superdrug had hit a plateau with their YouTube channel and were looking for inspiration to bring it to life. The company was looking to attract new customers and increase subscribers to their YT channel. To do that, they wanted to create fresh video content that featured innovative styles and techniques that would inspire viewers and increase sales.

We decided to revamp the client’s ‘How-To’ make-up tutorials with refreshing new look and feel for the industry. We updated the graphics and shot footage with higher production values, whilst featuring content that would spike around Halloween and Christmas. We then used atomised content to drive traffic from social networks. We also created a series of ‘real-time response’ content that we could turn around in 30 minutes!  We called it ‘Breaking Beauty’!

The main videos were hosted on Superdrug’s YouTube channel, which acted as the Hub. We then created bespoke edits to distribute across social media networks including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to drive traffic to the full-length content. We worked with social influencers to extend the reach to a wider audience. The ‘Breaking Beauty’ content was distributed via social and we took advantage of real-time video.

Refreshing tired industry content and creating ‘real-time response’ videos was the nucleus of the campaign and by creating a convenient and easy-to-use template, Superdrug could ensure their content is fresh and up-to-date with the latest trends in a fast-paced industry. Our content also impressed The Perfume Shop and we have since started working with them on a similar project.

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