Start Your Story In The Middle

Video content has always been the driver for high fliers, so it was no surprise to us when Iceland Air shot over an email saying they needed our help to promote their airline. The brand needed engaging content that would convince a worldwide audience to use their services. They already had an appealing special offer to tempt flyers – a stop over in Iceland for up to 7 nights at no extra cost on the flight. All we had to do was create a concept that convinced people to visit Iceland.

Playing on the theme of the actual offering, we wanted to create intrigue by starting our story in the middle … Just like those traveling could start their holiday in the middle of their flight – In Iceland! We knew that when you’re promoting a travel destination, the best stories come from actual people. So we assembled 20 individuals that had visited Iceland and asked them to tell us about their experiences. We opened the video with an extract from each story in order to create ambiguity and raise curiosity. This also helped people engage with the content. By interviewing 20 people we had enough material to create a powerful image of Iceland before delivering the conditions of the company’s promotional offer.

The main video was promoted online through various social media channels and travel publications. It performed extremely well. We also edited the video to broadcast on Sky Ad Smart, and created a series of five second ads across social channels to entice people into the main video.

This campaign was originally intended to be a marketing push targeting a UK-only audience but turned into a worldwide promotion.

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