Connecting People To Power The World

The team at Fircroft were well aware of the powerful impact video can have on an audience, but with all the noise coming through digital channels in the recruitment space, they were looking for a standout piece that would make viewers sit up and take note. The video needed to tie-in five key industries Fircroft recruit for and demonstrate they are a forward-thinking firm that can make things happen for their clients.

We worked with the Fircroft marketing team to brainstorm ideas and settled for a concept of “Connecting People To Power the World”. The video needed a strong tagline and a powerful script that filled potential clients with confidence. We backed this up with strong images and used a bolt of electricity to link each scene together and signify that Fircroft are a prestigious company with the heritage to connect leading industries together on a global scale.

The video was used on Fircroft’s website and distributed through various social channels where it received significant feedback. As a matter of fact, the buzz around the video was enough for Fircroft to air the video on national TV – we definitely achieved the aim of getting the video to stand out!

Most of the video was shot on a green-screen in a studio then pieced together by our animation team who laboured for days to convert this work into a masterful piece. We then recruited a voiceover artist with a distinguished voice to convey the heritage and prestige of the company. The final product was a rich piece of content that performed admirably.

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