The #Dechox Series

In the build-up to Easter, The British Heart Foundation wanted to challenge members of the public to give up chocolate for a month. The aim was to raise awareness of heart disease and raise money for life-saving research. The challenge for us was to develop a creative concept that would engage a mixed audience of 15-40 year olds and convince them to take part in the BHF challenge.

Our creative insights identified a strong interest in baking videos among this age group which linked in with the chocolate element. We then decided to take inspiration from popular culture and aligned our script with the concept of hit TV show Breaking Bad. We called in ‘Baking Bad.” Using comedy around a general theme of a mother and daughter cooking up lip-smacking goodies with a bar of chocolate, we created a parody of a police raid.

To distribute the video content, we took advantage of BHF’s social media reach. The first video performed very well, receiving an impressive amount of shares, and was picked up by the Telegraph, Times and Yahoo! Together with a series of other videos we were successful in helping BHF clock up over 176,000 views on YouTube and obliterate all the KPI’s that were set at the beginning of the project.

The BHF campaign was such a tremendous success, we were commissioned to take the reins for another two years. Keeping with the principle directive, we ran a different campaign each March to establish an annual event and create a buzz that would recruit more Dechoxers. Our strategic use of online video enabled us to produce remarkable results for BHF and picked up various charity awards.

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