Social listening tech firm, Brandwatch, was gearing up for the launch of its new product, Audiences. The online software helps brands and agencies cut through the noise and reach the right people. The company was aware of the inherent challenges that come with advertising analytical software and needed us to create a visually engaging film that showed the key themes behind their technology – without focusing too much on the technology.

We decided to create a complex and adventure-rich video that would grab the attention of decision makers. The video was designed to reveal a broad range of people that represent a typical audience in order to show the versatility of the product, then recorded a voiceover to describe the finer points. Using fast-paced visuals and quick cuts, the video portrays a powerful message and gives the client’s audience a sense that reaching their audience is achievable.

The video was distributed across Brandwatch’s social channels and embedded on the product page of their website. The client also played the video on a loop at various social media marketing events which captured the eye of attendees and generated leads.

Brandwatch issued a statement for our testimonial page thanking the team and stating: “F&C did a fantastic job at capturing the combined qualities of speed, technical excellence and effortless discovery we wanted to associate with the product.”

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