The Psychology of “Shoppable” Features on Mobile Video

mobile video shopping Aug 12, 2019

Today’s consumers do not shop in the traditional way. Purchasing decisions are made through a variety of investigative methods and settings.

But mobile video plays into the consumer psychology of making purchasing decisions from the subconscious.

study by Clicktale reveals the average consumer spends around three hours a day browsing the internet on a mobile device. This gives them more time and a stress-free environment to consider their purchasing options.

Every marketer knows that purchasing decisions are based on emotions - and they can fluctuate in different environments or because of the experience an individual has with a brand.

Research in the field of consumer psychology has shown that thousands of subtle factors influence purchasing decisions.

For example, we know from experience that shoppers can be persuaded to buy a certain product that offers an additional reward. But not any old reward will do.

New research conducted by the Incentive Research Foundation shows that consumer are subconsciously drawn to gift cards over other forms of reward - the perfect option for the holiday season.

Subsequently, social media and mobile shopping is tipped to play a significant role in gift shopping this Christmas.

How to Make Video Ads Shoppable

Mobile video is making it easier for shoppers to find the product pages and purchase items they want. One-time click buttons and feature such as YouTube Looks enables consumers to link to products directly from a video.

Research published by IAB shows mobile video works for the following reasons:

• Interactive ads with a CTA attract attention

• Interaction within a shoppable ad increases attention and improves impact

• Consumers want to learn more about a product without leaving the page

• ‘Learn more’ features gives customers access to more information within an ad

YouTube’s shoppable tools is expected to play a pivotal role this shopping season. It’s a time of year when consumers actually appreciate ads to give them gift ideas.

Instagram discovered that videos get up to 21% more interaction and recently unveiled an in-ad shopping feature that gives consumers access to product prices whilst they are watching a video.

The power of digital platforms was evidenced recently when the UK supermarket chain, Iceland, immediately had an advert banned by British advertising authorities.

The reason behind the ban was because the video was made by Greenpeace, a political organisation. Subsequently, the ad was deemed to breach advertising standards.

Iceland decided to post the ad to their YouTube channel where it attracted 3.7m views - and 8833% uplift on their previous seven ads.

Toblerone is also using mobile technologies to promote their popular Christmas stocking filler. Customers that buy the chocolate bar will receive a QR code that enables them to send a recoded video message and a personal text.

Mobile video is expected to drive sales this year. With smartphones the device of choice for internet users, it makes sense for platforms to provide users with opportunities to make easy decisions that originate from the subconscious.

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