Our mission is to help video production companies and marketing professionals understand and drive success in the ever-evolving (and sometimes overwhelming) world of video content marketing by making it simple and rewarding.

We believe that video is powerful. No, we know that video is powerful. It’s the most talked-about and exciting form of communication in the online world, but there is so much confusion and misinformation surrounding the topic.

Our belief is that every marketer in this world that is serious about the results that they achieve should have a resource and someone to lean on. And that is us.

We are here to help marketers understand video. We are here to help drive incredible results – in partnership with you. We are here to create standout moments through the strategic use of online video content.

We know video is powerful.

We work with marketers around the globe. Each and every one has an opportunity to create something incredible, to make a name for themselves, to stand out.

Our challenge is encapsulated in our video “A Message To The Marketers”, where we challenge you to stand out.

Give it a watch and get in contact. Together, we can make your video content stand out.

Whilst technology has changed a huge amount in the last ten years, the reason that F&C is here today has not. We first started up because video was an emotive form of communication. We found that with our videos, we could make people laugh, cry, reflect, learn, change opinion … The list goes on. Those things have not been lost as video has taken over the internet. In fact, quite the opposite has happened. You can now do those things on a mass scale.

We grew quickly as a business throughout the 2010’s, taking up residence in various offices as we grew as a team and delivered more and more work for more and more clients. We knew we were doing something great. We were helping many marketers within the UK drive incredible results through video. But, to truly deliver on our dream, something needed to change.

In 2018, we broke free and developed our offering tremendously. Seeing the constant outcry from marketers, who just didn’t know how to drive the best results from video, we went for it. Opening up F&C Consulting (and in 2019 F&C Training) helped us to deliver incredible insight to our clients and drive even better results on the content that we create.

We are now rolling out our vision to various cities across the globe – forming a joint-up and all encompassing offering to marketers around the world.

"A Message To The Marketers"

Whether you work for a video production company, a brand, an agency, or if you're a marketing consultant, we've got a message for you ...


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